Theatre tours and organ mini concerts by James Patak or Sam Yacono with a meal in the theatre rotunda are available by contract for groups at $15.75 per person.
Or have a tour and mini concert only for $4.00 per person.
Please call Trish Stoner at (815) 726-7171.
There is a minimum of 40 persons for all tours.
No visit to the Rialto is complete without taking the opportunity to hear the Barton Grand Theatre Pipe Organ. The Barton Grand housed in the Rialto Square Theatre auditorium was designed for the Rialto by Barton Grand of Osh Kosh, Wisconsin. The theatre was built around its organ chambers, where 27 ranks of pipes and numerous musical instruments are located.
Since the restoration of the Rialto Square Theatre, members of the Joliet Area Theatre Organ Enthusiasts have restored and improved the Barton Grand many times its purchase price of $10,500.
The Rialto Square Theatre is not just a world renowned performing arts center, it's a living, breathing piece of Americana. Hundreds of vaudevillians, from Jack Benny to the Marx Brothers have
performed at the Rialto.
The majesty and grandeur of the Rialto's Esplanade, Rotunda and Auditorium have echoed with the laughter and tears of generations. Your group can hear of the stories, the history and the dreams that were born on the Rialto stage and enjoy the magnificent architecture of the edifice in a theatre that in the late 1970s was scheduled for demolition to make way for progress in Joliet's City Center.
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